life looks good from the outside

but inside, it's a different story.

You are going through life, checking the boxes, but, deep down you know there is MORE.

Nothing is more important than you knowing yourself. Breakthrough the barriers that prevent you from discovering and living your genius. Addressing the key elements of health - physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual and financial will be transformational to you living your most authentic, grounded, and holistic life. Are you ready to...

... to get better sleep!

"She is a support I didn’t know I needed. Sleep deprivation is the reason I came to Sheila not realizing it was about a lot more than sleep. Talking to her and putting small building blocks in place has made me understand that I do know how to relax at night. Having her there to check in on how my nights have been means I have someone who is looking out for me, answering things that come up and helping me not get overwhelmed with fear and anxiety. I no longer have pain in my chest in the middle of the night, I listen to meditation apps and Yoga Nidra which are helping and know that I will be all right. My sleep is improving, the good nights are more frequent and if I have a bad night I no longer let it set the tone for my life." Learn more. 

... to gain more confidence!

You realize you're capable of more. You realize you could just cry because your needs are not being met. You are sick and tired of seeking validation from an outside source to make you feel secure and appreciated, only to feel alone. Thoughts of "I don't matter or I'm not good enough" are driving your behavior. You're on pills to "relax or take the edge off" and you forgot what it was like to feel, to be confident and to ask for what you want....AND get it! This is what my clients experience before coming to me. After 1 day in my You: VIP Program, you'll become clear on what you want and what you don't, you'll begin to prioritize you and you'll feel more confident than ever while walking away with the tools to begin asking for what you want and get it! It's the ultimate in satisfaction! You'll see a different perspective than ever before. How's that for a quick fix? Learn more. 

... to feel back in control!

You know how you can go through years of your life and you look back and realize you've been stuck... You wonder how you got here and where the time went... You realize you want more, you want to free yourself of your past....? You thought some one or some thing was supposed to make you happy. Normally you'd be running away from your problems by filling your time with things to keep you from facing them. But, not this time. You realize that indecision is also a decision. Maybe you want to improve your already happy life but you're not sure how or where to begin. Knowing how you want to feel is the most potent form of clarity you can have. The next step is making connections between how you want to feel and how to actually create those feelings in your life. In just 3 months, through my signature system You: nourish your body, you transform your mindset, and you create a vision for your life.

The first call is complimentary and designed to help you see exactly what you need to do to make a sustainable, lasting change in your everyday life.

Schedule your COMPLIMENTARY 30-Minute Life Changing conversation today!

You are enough.

You are not broken.

There is nothing wrong with you.


You just need the tools and a few reminders to help you face your biggest challenges and to live out your wildest dreams.


Refresh your thinking…and infuse productivity AND fulfillment for greater impact.

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"Working with Sheila was very therapeutic and wonderful. She’s so personable and understanding— any one looking to add value and confidence to themselves should work with her! I had never worked with a lifestyle coach prior to Sheila, and I was bit hesitant at first. I believe most individuals fear the idea of becoming vulnerable and sharing personal matters with coaches/counselors/therapists in general. Working with a coach is so different than a therapist. Coaches focus on helping you find a solution and interact with you — unlike therapists who just listen to your past and barely provide feedback on how to fix or overcome your issues. Working with Sheila was different. She really listens and provides great insight, offers ideas, and works together with you to discover possibilities, solutions and opportunities with all personal matters shared. She’s your biggest cheerleader and confidant. Why go through life alone when you can dominate your hurtles together with Sheila and get what you want out of life? Call her! You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!" - Kristie Jorfald - Good Morning America Featured Celebrity & Personal Stylist for Women in Transition * Body Shape & Fashion Expert

You have MORE life to live.

It’s time to empower yourself with the mindset and habits to thrive.

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