In these challenging times, our lives look and feel very different. Though our definition of community may have shifted from in person to virtual, I find it inspiring to come together in new ways to create and connect. In this time of need, we can strengthen and encourage one another through connection, solutions and results.

🌞Day 1 - FEAR and How To Overcome It.
🌞Day 2 - ANXIETY and What It's Teaching You.
🌞Day 3 - STRESS and What It's Doing To Your Immune System.
🌞Day 4 - SLEEP Better Tonight.
🌞Day 5 - TRANSFORM All Areas Of Your Life. 


When: Monday, April 6-10, 2020.


Where: Daily for 30 minutes on Zoom w/recordings available.


Positive vibes only.

Chicago, IL | | (312) 620-0186


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