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Are You A High Performing Woman And Your Relationships Are Affected By Lack of Communication, Self-Love and Emotional Intelligence? 
  • Learn how to reclaim your self worth, even if everything is pointing to "I'm not good enough!"
  • Learn how to connect with your knowing without looking outside yourself, even if you're busy, and don't have time to slow down. 
  • Learn how to shift from feeling guilty, even if you're not good at setting boundaries, to asking for what you want.
  • PLUS: Learn how to trust yourself more without self sabotaging, even if you're afraid to step into the unknown.
"If I would have known that my time with Sheila would have resulted in such a positive transformation, I would have contacted her years ago. In just a short time, Sheila taught me lifelong skills that not only changed my mindset, but also allowed me to change my relationship with myself and ultimately with others especially those I love so dearly." - Laura, Principal & Mom of 2

- Sheila Petersen, CEO of lovechange
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