10 Signs You Should Invest In Self Care

July 14, 2018

Here are ten indications that it might be time to put your focus on YOU, and make yourself your highest priority.


1. When you want things to happen faster than they are.

Find yourself refreshing your email and Facebook because you think it’s broken? Put boundaries on email and social media and only check when looking for a response or responding to someone. Get in, get out. Search up social media timers and install one to see how much time is spent online. How many hours do you want back in your day?


2. When you’re staring at Facebook for 10 hours straight and you’re getting nowhere.

We mentally exhaust our brain when we continue to scroll, scroll and scroll and switch platforms and scroll, scroll, scroll. Someone who controls their time, controls their money. Until we learn to say NO to others and YES to our sanity, we will always feel out-of-pocket. Ask yourself, “What am I really searching for?” and/or  “Where in my life am I not feeling ‘enough’?”


3. When you are emotionally eating.

Tear in your beer? Sipping to soothe? Are you eating everything in sight? Alcohol and food are a quick fix solution. Just because it’s healthy food, it’s still an unhealthy habit. Meditate on “Where in my life do I desire fulfillment?” Cravings aren’t the problem, they’re the solution.


4. When your brain hurts.

If you suffer from headaches or migraines, take a break from technology. Put devices on airplane mode to block harmful EMF’s. Lie down, close your eyes, diffuse lavender or peppermint oil and place a warm towel over your eyes. Play soothing music and rest for 15 minutes.


5. When anxiety creeps in.

You finally carve out time for self care and then anxiety creeps in. The mind begins to say, “you should be working right now” or “you’ve made no appointments today, why do you think you should take a break?”. You need to work and you need to play. Finding the right balance for you by integrating both is a great place to start. Too much of one and not the other will cause other things on this list to show up.


6. When you lack motivation.

When you feel blocked from receiving new ideas or flow, it’s time to set up a healthy trigger. Read a book, listen to a podcast, go for a walk. Sit with your eyes closed and focus on what it is that you really need to get motivated again. The answers are within. Be still. They will come.


7. When the snooze button becomes part of your morning routine.

It happens to the best of us. Especially after a late night, lack of sleep the night before or losing sight of your purpose in life. Get to bed earlier - ditch the alcohol and late night snacking, and make it a point to get up early and seize the day. You command the day, don’t allow the day to command you.


8. You think self care is selfish.

It’s selfish to continue to believe that you shouldn’t take care of yourself. You’ve bought into an old paradigm. Let go of this belief, prioritize you, and take note of how you feel - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You can cover these key areas in just 6 minutes, by creating your own Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.


9. You can’t relax.

If you can’t put your phone down, you’re biting your nails, picking your skin or zoning out and forgetting where you are...you need some relax time. When meditation isn’t long enough, this is another key to tapping into the root cause. What are 3 things you could add in to feel more relaxed? Try Stop, Breathe & Think Meditation App.


10. Your schedule doesn’t reflect your priorities.

You allow yourself to be ruled by your phone, computer and email. Does your calendar reflect the priorities that are getting you closer to your goal or further away? Schedule your Miracle Morning, nutrition, time with your friends and family, time for fun and don’t let life slip away by not managing your time effectively. Don’t have four hours to clean your house? Hire a cleaning lady. For $100, you’ll come home to a beautiful house and have four hours of your life to do what you love and fills you the most. Delegate, delegate, delegate.


Mindset, accountability and perspective are the key to making life long change. Book a call with me today to learn how to add in the self you care you desire.




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