What Does Photography, Wellness & Stress Have In Common?

I met Anne Truppe years ago and invited her to share her story and guest blog for lovechange.

You can learn more and follow Anne @eastwisehealth and www.eastwisehealth.com

Here is her beautiful unfolding of how she combines her passions.


1. How did you get into wellness? 

I am a full-time commercial photographer and while it has been creatively fulfilling, I craved something with a deeper purpose. At the same time, my husband, Steve, was going through some health issues. Western medicine was not offering any answers so we turned to alternative methods, which is when we discovered the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Trialling various TCM methods to help Steve ignited an obsession within me to learn more about this ancient medicinal system. The more we integrated into our lives, the more Steve’s health improved. I shared what I was learning with family and friends out of pure enjoyment, but when someone expressed how what I had shared with them improved their health, it was an even better feeling. A desire to share my knowledge with more people was born.


Through research and my own experience, I realized how much our photography business was affecting our mental and physical health and also how much our health was affecting our business. Steve and I desired to merge our passions for creativity and health, thus developing a coaching program where we help creative entrepreneurs free themselves from stress, creative blocks, and buried emotions using methods rooted in Chinese medicine.


2. How does stress begin? 

Stress begins as a mental disturbance. A mental disturbance can mean a lot of things, but a couple common ones are negative thoughts or suppressed emotions that you did not want or know how to deal with. 


3. How do stress and negative emotions affect the brain/body and overall wellness? 

These mental disturbances can lead to behavioral disturbances such as lack of motivation, decreased productivity, and stunted creativity. If left untreated, eventually they can lead to disease. ‘Disease’ in Chinese medicine is characterized as an imbalance in the body. It can be relatively minor things like skin eruptions, muscle aches and pains, digestive issues, or insomnia. If it progresses, it is the underlying cause of cancer, frequent infections, and autoimmune problems. Disease takes a long time to happen––it builds up over many decades and most people have no idea that they are at risk.


4. How do you deal with stress and what would you recommend for others? 

The biggest thing I have started doing recently is addressing the root cause and the resulting emotion behind the stress. “Feeling stressed” is so vague. But when I stop and evaluate WHAT is causing me stress, I often find that it’s tied to an emotion I am unaware I am feeling. For example, I was feeling “stressed” about an upcoming photo shoot, but when I stopped to think more deeply, I was feeling scared and unprepared. By naming the cause, I was able to tame my emotions and take action to become prepared and address why I was afraid. 


5. What are you excited about right now? 

Summer weather and how late it stays light out, playing tennis, and learning Kenpo Karate as a form of practical self-defense. 


6. What is the last picture you took? Learn more and ollow Anne @eastwisehealth www.eastwisehealth.com


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