Natalie, Singer

"My top 3 goals upon beginning work with Sheila included learning more about my relationship with food, become more connected to my eating habits and achieve accountability in my daily actions. Sheila kept me accountable and made me aware of which habits were working for me instead of against me. She shared a breathing technique that is helping with my stress level. Since working with Sheila in just 1 month, I am having less anxiety around food, I'm choosing an 80/20 lifestyle and enjoying eating healthier. Sheila is warm, kind, understanding and supportive. I look forward to continuing this journey with Sheila for more health education and inspiration.”

Dr. Paul, Medical Director

"Optimism is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about Sheila. As the former Center Medical Director for an Iora Health practice it was a pleasure to have such a positive co-leader in Sheila who was the Clinical Training Manager. I was always impressed with her calm demeanor amidst chaotic, busy days and her ability to maintain a positive mindset in the sea of change that surrounded us as a healthcare start up trying to do something big and different. Leading a large team of nurses, health coaches, and other staff Sheila always sought to help them grow and to bring out their very best and would be a huge asset for any position requiring a strong leader and mentor. I'm lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Sheila and give her my heartfelt recommendation."

Dawn, Health Coach

“I was recently given the opportunity to participate in lovechange, and to be honest I wasn't expecting much from it. It's not that I doubted Sheila, it's that I didn't think I had much mindset work to do. It didn't take many days into lovechange to see how wrong I was! The exercises all hit me in just the right place at the right time, and they led to some great internal transformations. I finished the program feeling more confident, less stuck, and ready to embrace some of the changes in my life that I didn't know I had been resisting!”


"If I would have known that my time with Sheila would have resulted in such a positive transformation, I would have contacted her years ago.  In just a short time, Sheila taught me lifelong skills that not only changed my mindset, but also allowed me to change my relationship with myself and ultimately with others especially those I love so dearly.  Healing myself by facing and analyzing unresolved emotions was a priority that Sheila unveiled within me.  She taught me to be less reactive and more consistent with my daily interactions both personally and professionally.  She taught me how to cancel out negative thoughts and prove my self-worth.  She taught me what it means to be affirmed.  Documenting all of these aspects was a tool I began utilizing weekly with Sheila's guidance.  This tactic has proven that when my thoughts or emotions appear, I can act appropriately.  Sheila reminded me to use energy positively.  Be grateful for those positives throughout the day and let them marinate into the next.  But when challenged, because we all have obstacles to overcome, Sheila taught me how to restructure my mindset and be aware of what brought success.  There are so many other practices that Sheila embedded within me, but I can't share all of her secrets.  You will not be disappointed moving forward with a Life Coach like Sheila.  She truly is an amazing soul who supported me and provided me with the tools I need to continue tackling all the things Laura.  I am forever grateful for her." - Laura, Principal & Mom of 2

"I have been working with Sheila since last summer and it has been one of the best decisions I have made. We started with a full day session together planning and breaking down all my goals and plans. We focused on what was holding me back and created a very helpful schedule to keep me on track. We have calls 2x a month and she has helped me move past any issues I have with my business and personal life. She keeps me motivated when I need it and support when I am stuck. She gives very mindful advice and has been such a wonderful advocate for me. She has been my life saver!!!!" - Daisy, Founder & Maker

"I worked with Sheila for a total of 9 months as I navigated one of the most exciting but challenging years of my life. I launched my own business, gave up my apartment in Chicago and began traveling while simultaneously working remotely. It had always been a dream of mine to do this, and Sheila helped me both realize my potential and worth to make it happen. At the same time, I was dealing with some difficult situations within my immediate family, and Sheila helped to guide me through the process, as I learned to set boundaries and establish my needs while also being able to support my loved ones. The journey continues for me, and I am far from having everything figured out, but Sheila has at least armed me with the tools to stop, absorb, process and react in a way that I can be extremely proud of. Thank you Sheila!" - J.L., Brand Catalyst


"I traveled this week and stayed in a hotel. I didn't eat cheap food or go to the bar. I've never really done that when I traveled. I felt so much better in the morning. My focus, mental clarity and stamina has improved. I've built a community to cheer me on - with you by phone and with my workout buddies in the gym. It's been a DECADE since I felt this good.” - Justin, CrossFit & Father of 2

“Sheila helps empower me to hold on to my joy! I am learning that when changes happen in my life, I am not just a spectator, I am a co-creator! Sheila not only meets me where I am on my journey, but shows me how to enjoy myself along the way. She calls herself my health coach, but she feels like that friend who knows me and knows my value, and won’t allow me to sell myself short!” - Toni, Health Coach & Mom of 3

“Working with Sheila has helped me reach my goals. She has taught me to be present in my choices, to take the minute to ask myself how is this choice going to make me feel? Am I eating this because I'm hungry or because it's in front of me? Sheila has helped me retrain my thought process on how I approach choices. The accountability has kept me on target. I feel like I am truly being and feeling like my best self which I owe to Sheila for giving me the support and tools I needed to reach this incredible feeling!” - Sara CrossFit & Mom of 3

“My goals were to build my confidence and be a more positive person. Sheila helped me by giving me the steps to achieve these goals, and helped me to plan things I could do daily and how I could change my thinking. She was a good listener and gave good feedback. I feel that now I am a more positive person, and I've built enough confidence to realize my passions and actively pursue them! Thanks Sheila :)” - Beth, Business Owner & Mom of 2


“Let's face it. I'm a tough case. With Crohn's disease, food sensitivities, and lifelong bad habits, Sheila has her hands full with me. But her patience and non-judgmental approach is disarming and allows me to be open and honest, even when I don't want to be. Because of her belief in me, I am still on the right path to change habits that have gotten me to where I am now. Normally, I would have given up a few weeks in! She is the best!” - Amy, Event Planner & Mom

"I want to thank you for being instrumental in positively influencing me with health and lifestyle choices. At a time when I was at a crossroads regarding declining life energy as it relates to my job, you walked me through a process that empowered me to put things into perspective, step out of my comfort zone and make major changes. Today I am moving forward with a renewed outlook and new career path. Your wisdom and guidance have benefited me greatly, and have provided me with increased energy, more joy and happiness on a daily basis. Even family and friends comment on the positive changes they see in me. I am forever grateful!” - Rachelle, Health Coach & Mom

"We began the 3 Day Guided Food Detox based on the Hungry for Change documentary with Sheila last weekend. Together, we shopped, prepped and planned using the booklet Sheila created that included everything we needed to know to safely cleanse our bodies with food and juices. After just one day, I feel amazing. I don't feel hungry, tired or bloated with this guided detox. I feel great and have so much energy! No feelings of tiredness and no allergies. Doing this cleanse right before the holiday allowed us to make better choices. I love the grab-n-go so I can spend time doing other things. I would say the fact of eating healthy can be done in a grab and go scenario and I'm loving the green juice.” - Christie & Dave


"My tastes are changing. Things I would never have eaten not only do I eat, but I enjoy. I am happier than I've been in a long time. I lost my wife to cancer four months ago and I had a quadruple bypass surgery 17 months ago. Sheila is teaching me to shop and cook healthy and drink more water. Sheila is very knowledgeable, cares for my well being and I love working with her. I think Sheila was born to do this work. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.” - Tom, Father of 4 & Friend

"I wish I would have met you 10 years ago. My marriage and my business could have benefited greatly. And, why doesn't my therapist ask me the questions you ask me?” - Laura, Consultant & Mom of 2

"Thank you again for meeting with me, and for sharing some of your insight and experience. I left our meeting with a fresh perspective and renewed motivation.  And today I am signing my first paying client!  Looking forward to chatting more." - What Lisa S. shared after our two hour powerful conversation." - Lisa, RN, Reiki Practitioner and Health Coach

It is helpful putting down in words what Sheila has done for me it is more than you could imagine and I am so grateful to her.  She is different to therapy and the fact she touches base in between conversations is powerful:

I have learnt that meditation is vital to my survival. Yoga is not only necessary but essential. I am listening to my needs, hearing me, trying not to let my thoughts take over which they continue to do when under stress but now I have tools to help; it is a work in progress. Sheila has been helping me to “allow” myself to think about “why” I am doing things the way I am - good and bad but mostly building on the good. I did not know there was so much good in me and she has helped me to acknowledge that. She is a support I didn’t know I needed. Sleep deprivation is the reason I came to Sheila not realizing it was about a lot more than sleep. Talking to her and putting small building blocks in place has made me understand that I do know how to relax at night. Having her there to check in on how my nights have been means I have someone who is looking out for me, answering things that come up and helping me not get overwhelmed with fear and anxiety. I no longer have pain in my chest in the middle of the night, I listen to meditation apps and Yoga Nidra which are helping and know that I will be all right. My sleep is improving, the good nights are more frequent and if I have a bad night I no longer let it set the tone for my life. 

Something I was not expecting from working together is that I have become more forthright and truthful in getting my needs met in my relationships both at home and at work, this has been the biggest surprise for me and improved how I am as a person. I am not perfect by any means but I hope I am more compassionate and have a better understanding of myself and others. My strengths are something that I have a better understanding of and I can use to their best advantage. 

Lucy, Designer

Mike, Team Lead

"Sheila gave me great advice and a clear plan in reaching my goals. She was instrumental in improving my resume. I really appreciate her professional common sense approach. I was very happy with results. Thank you!"

Andrea, Leasing Agent

"Sheila is an amazing coach with fresh, relevant, insightful solutions to a broad range of challenges. I highly recommend setting up an introductory call!"

Casey, Consultant

"The biggest tangible change I have noticed since working with Sheila is I stopped drinking soda and have lost just over 15 pounds in 2 months. Sheila is a great coach and extremely supportive. She helped me focus on quick food options and have more awareness by having a weekly check in.”

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